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Not me.

edited June 2020 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 1

A Message to my countryman on the left.

I don't support the
Donald. If fact I consider him the greatest retard that this country
has ever elected to office. I wouldn't support the butt head for dog

But!...I won't
support your candidate either. I admire much of your platform but
there is one glowering hole that I cannot support. I am a gun
collector. Yes, I am one of the evil people with rifles and pistols
sprouting from my pores. I have over twenty rifles and pistols and
want more, many more. I don’t yet have a K98, or an FN49. I still
want a Luger and a Martini-Henri. A Snider-Infield is prominent on
my must have list.

I am a proud
American primarily because we have the second amendment. We are the
only nation with the right to bear arms written into our DNA and you
want to take that away. That I cannot and will not support.

My rifles and
pistols punch holes only in paper. I would wield any of them in self
defense but I’d have to be pretty convinced that my, or a loved
one’s life or property was in danger before I turned the least of
them against another human.

Many of my weapons
are obsolete. You can’t even buy ammo for them anymore, so I have
to roll my own. Reloading is another passion of mine. I have rifles
and pistols that I’ve never fired because the cartridges are not
available. I look forward to getting the dies that will allow me to
load these but those cost money and the budget…

You support a
fallacy. You seem to think that outlawing guns will make you safe.
It won’t. For better or worse there are far too many guns in the
US. All that increasing restrictions do is to ensure that the law
abiding people are unarmed. The people that you fear will always
have something that goes bang.

I don’t want to
be one of these people but I might be. I love this nation but if you
successfully move to take my guns then this will be a problem.
America without the second amendment and a robust defense of that
amendment is no longer my country. I won’t be part of it. I will
defend myself and my guns to the death. If you want my guns you’d
better bring plenty of your own. I won’t win, I can’t against
the entirety of the United States government. I don’t want to kill
the innocent. The policeman who keep us safe. If it comes to that I
might even step out the door with an empty rifle. That will end
things quickly. That's ok.  I will not be part of your ideal society.

And I guess that
pretty well sums up my position. I can see the pundits lining up
now. They will say I am deranged, they will claim me a radical, some
would be Einstein is even now dissecting this post to form his or her
oh so clever rebuttal. They have to. Otherwise I just might
convince a few people that I’m right.

God Bless and stay

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