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Canadian assaults

edited January 2021 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 4
I was working on the General Social Survey in Canada  which is a victimization survey. The next survey came out in 2019, which is not yet available. Analysts provided me with this and two people who worked with me were more than happy to provide.

From our subject matter division:

Here it is.

First column = % of victims of assaults as most serious violent victimization, excluding spousal violence. Second column is the same, but including spousal violence. Of note, since it includes only those who were not victim of a more serious offence (such as robbery or sexual assault), these numbers might slightly underestimate the actual % of victim of assault.

    Survey Estimates             My Estimates 

2003: 3.0% / 4.2%          3.0%/4.2%
2008: 3.4% / 4.3%          3.1%/3.7%?
2013: 2.3% / 2.8%          2.3%/2.8%

The u.s. bjs victimization survey for 2004 has assaults for 12 and over 1.3% and in 2014 0.9% if 15 and over, maybe 1.0? Or 0.8%? But still it is to show you a higher assault rate for Canada.


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