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L.A. man playing with gun accidentally shoots best friend, then commits suicide

edited August 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
The tragedy of guns in America:

Dominique Barnett, 24, was showing his gun off to friends early Sunday when he accidentally shot best pal Jerrod Taylor, killing him. Overcome with grief, Barnett then turned the gun on himself, police said.

A Los Angeles man was playing with a gun when he accidentally shot his best friend — and then, in a moment of intense grief, committed suicide in front of a crowd of their friends, authorities said.  Dominique Barnett, 24, was showing off his piece to around 10 friends hanging out in front of Jerrod Taylor's Willowbrook home early Sunday when the gun suddenly went off, striking Taylor with a single round, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Taylor, 23, would die later at a local hospital.

Overcome with guilt by what he'd done to his best friend, Barnett then shot himself in the head at the scene.

Police described the grim turn of events as an accident brought on by the collision of tragic luck and a loaded gun.

Witnesses said Taylor was upset Barnett was showing the gun off and was trying to take it away from him when it went off, CBS Los Angeles reported.



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    Easy as it may be to point fingers on a tragedy like this, the reality is as long as we are breaking rules someone is going to get hurt. There really should be a way to bring some of these weapons off the streets. The legal and illegal ones.
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    If there was a required law to turn in all guns, it will not happen.  Some guns might be turned in, but not all of them.  The harsh reality is, the worst type of people will keep their guns and run over the people who no longer carry them.  

    I use to be a hunter also.  In my family that is how we got out meat.  There is no way my family would give up their hunting rifles.

    But yes it is tragic as to what happened in this incident.  The minute they saw that gun, everyone should of backed off and not try to wrestle him to the ground.  I know that's hindsight, but it would of made sense to do so.
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    Would it be considered bad taste to reference Darwin, right here?
  • A key principle to securing long-term freedom, as the Founder of America understood, is that you don't sacrifice a basic right, like the basic right to effective self defense and the right to have the tools to protect your own property and freedom, because there are accidents.  When people call for a ban on something because of accidents and then politicians scramble to make more laws to appease, that is called "pandering for transient causes."  If you want to make "deadly accidents happen" the standard for taking away the basic rights of everyone, then start with the things where deadly accidents happen that are not as important, like alcohol, pools, and dogs.
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    Classic case of guns in the wrong hands. To think the guy was only showing off the gun to his friend! Surely there must be better things to floss about to others. This should signal the fact that more guns are in the in all the wrong places. 
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    "Would it be considered bad taste to reference Darwin, right here?"

    Proooooobably. But I'm sure it went through the minds of everyone who read that story.

    Yeah. That's damned tragic. It also neatly highlights the elemental nature of a gun, which is to kill things. I'm not a fan of guns by any stretch, and those who do possess a firearm must have some strict training before they can even consider taking one out in public, or handling them around others. I honestly don't know if this is punctuated often in firearm training, but I always tend towards the classic adage that you should consider a gun to be loaded, even if you know it isn't. Best way to avoid accidents. Not sure if that would've made a huge difference here, but...
  • I have been around guns my entire life. Guess how many people I've accidentally shot... none. When someone plays with a gun, knowing what could happen, and ends up shooting someone who was dumb enough to be around a dumb person playing with a gun... I'm not sure, but it seems like if Darwin didn't address this specific situation, he should have.

    Same with guys who accidentally stab each other, get blown up making pipe bombs, or get staff infection for taking a shower in jail without their flip flops on.

    For the record I was hanging around a group of friends when 2 of them started play fighting... one with a knife. He did a jab that wouldn't have hit the other guy if he hadn't used his arm to block it. I mentioned Darwin, then, also.
  •    I am sorry to hear the news. It was so tragic that  I can not contain myself how guns took the precious life of somebody else. Violence should stop and all of us are accountable to proclaim that we are against violence and we should support anti violence law which is the use of deadly guns. Peace to all!
  • It sounds like another perfect story to push the agenda the government and elite have. This is sad and grown adults should know not to mess around with guns that are loaded, and obviously they didn't know what they were doing because it wasn't on safety.
  • I was just talking to my daughter about some hypothetical situations like this. I didn't think of the one where the guy turns around and shoots himself because it was his best friend. Wow. I guess I have another example of how guns don't kill people, but people kill people. Why was he showing off this gun anyway? They aren't for showing off like that. If that's what you're trying to do, then you need to put it in a case or something.
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    There is a lot wrong with this situation but it is not the gun.Yes it is tragic but could have been completely avoided.You got to remember no gun has a mind of it's own,the one with the gun is suppose to though.First a gun is not a play toy and shouldn't be handled like one.If he has access to it then he should have none that or he shouldn't have touched it in the first place.Again they jump to the conclusion that the gun is to blame,a object that can't do anything on it's own.It is the persons responsible to be trained on how to use it,not the guns responsibility to teach the owner.
  • I think that it's sad there is a loss of two lives.  How is it that no one stopped them?  There was a crowd of people and they just allowed this to happen?  Why was Barnett showing off with a loaded gun?  Why did Taylor try to take a loaded gun off of his friend?  This is a bad situation fraught with bad decision making.
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    So you are blaming the inanimate object for the stupidity of the owner?  Did the gun somehow automagically take over his mind and turn him into an idiot?  If he had based his friend's head in with a hammer then slit his own wrists, would you be calling for us getting knives and hammers off the street? 
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  •  However, we want to look at this incident there was still a gun involved in the mix. Yes it was an accident but he should've been playing with the gun in the first place. Tragedies like this happen all the time because of people breaking laws. The key concept that I see here is did he have a license to have the gun.
  • This is just an incident of someone with no priors developing priors.  If he was that stupid with a gun, then he would be that stupid with anything else.  The problem here was lack of gun safety education, which I think should be mandatory.  Common sense dictates that if you are showing off a gun or similar weapons, make sure the safety is on and it isn't loaded.  Not everyone who owns a gun is this irresponsible.
  • That is really sad. He shot and killed his best friend so he must have felt awful. .It's a really sad tragedy. He clearly had no business with a gun and didn't know how to be safe. A gun that ended up in the wrong hands. It doesn't always have to be about violence for a gun to be in the wrong hands. 
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    This is a really tragic episode. I do concur with those who posit that accidents are bound to happen as is the case with automobile accidents. But it has to be stated that guns are weapons of death. They are not intended to disable the offender which brings me to the assertion that other weapons like rubber bullets should replace guns like rubber bullets. At the end of the day, the tragic consequences of gun ownership will have a domino effect.
  • guyguy
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    He probably didn't want to go to jail for the rest of his life, I would honestly consider it myself as well, but just as an option, even also might consider just burying the body in the backyard or something just because there are times when something really is a mistake, and you just don't want to see another life end because it can be proven an honest mistake.
  • With 33,000 gun deaths a year, most of them shootings at home, there is just one inescapable conclusion: A home with a gun is more dangerous than one without one. The idea that you are going to be able to successfully defend yourself against a stranger is proven to be just an NRA fantasy. It rarely happens. Instead, you are far, far more likely to ultimately be shot with your own weapon. We need to face facts, folks.

    There’s some great reading about these issue's in Chuck MacDonald’s new novel, “Gun Nuts.”  
  • Im bulletprooof nothing to looose I AM TITAAAANIUM!
  • Pardon me for this comment but it is obvious that the man was either ignorant of gun safety or simply neglectful. We were taught gun safety by my father who was a gun lover. Safety is paramount when holding a gun because there is a saying here that a gun may fool you. In other words, being careless may cause accidental shooting like that news report. If a gun owner is aware of safety measures then it is nearly impossible for an accidental shooting to happen. Don't aim the gun to a person, remove the ammo. That simple.
  • After reading the entire news how devastated I feel on thinking that mild negligence and carelessness destroyed two families.

    Firstly, one has to be very careful while flaunting a lethal weapon. Guns are always meant for personal safety. But sadly, most of the people these days are considering it as a status symbol. This show off made the man pay an unbearable price.

    Secondly, if the man had his own family did he once think about them before shooting himself. I agree that the situation would have been immensely traumatic when he accidentally killed his friend. But, the latter act of suicide was nothing more than an act of cowardness.There could have been other methods of dealing with situation strongly.
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    That is why parents who owns a gun must not put them on display since its not a toy. They should put it in a secure and place, hide it to a safe place.
  • This is another sad and tragic accident, that could have happen to anybody else, just because they were using guns in a wrong way. People need to understand, guns are not for showoff, they kill others and that's what they're made for. Obviously the guy wasn't going to kill his friend, but what is the most terrible thing that can happen, when you are using guns in a wrong way? And this is not a mental sick guy, he was a regular one, he was just distracted and out of caution. 
  • Holding guns out in public should never be done in the first place.

    The biggest mistake was not checking to see if it's loaded before using it. I don't know if they thought it was cool or whatever knowing that it's deadly. But it's not something to proud of especially, if you're not a police officer.

    There's only so much we can attribute to accidents and mishaps. Most of the time the blame is on us. We don't take the necessary precautions to prevent fatal injuries. Perhaps it's because of how desensitized we've become to violence thanks to actionsmovies, TV dramas, and even gore fest movies.
  • Holding guns out in public should never be done in the first place.

    The biggest mistake was not checking to see if it's loaded before using it. I don't know if they thought it was cool or whatever knowing that it's deadly. But it's not something to proud of especially, if you're not a police.

    There's only so much we can attribute to accidents and mishaps. Most of the time the blame is on us. We don't take the necessary precautions to prevent fatal injuries. Perhaps it's because of how desensitized we've become to violence thanks to action movies, TV dramas, and even gore fest movies.
  • This alarming and heartbroken report is indirectly telling us three things. First, do not play with a gun. Second,do not play with a gun. And finally, do not play with a gun. Guns were designed for a specific beneficial purpose and not just as a fancy toy. Everybody must take seriously all necessary precautions on handling guns. On the other hand, when your friend is directly pointing a gun on your face, either just a scary joke or just a planned prank, it is an urgent action for you to stop him or to avoid at least the bullet's direction. May be you can trust your best friend, but not the smiling unstoppable gun he is firmly holding.

    Everyone must go back on the risk assessment that the gun provider sincerely deliberates before turning over the gun. One must check what are those risks listed in gun's risk register. Each has its own serious responsibilities towards others. I believe that accident can not be avoided but it can be identified. Lastly, we must consider that hazard's rank in playing, holding, rubbing, or even just simple cleaning of a gun is in highest category. So please keep safe.
  • What I'm yet to understand is the reason some of these citizens don't get enlightened on the best way to handle a gun. I mean it is not right to read news like this for it makes someone like me to have more fears when issues of guns are being mentioned and that stems from the fact that no one feel secured any loner.

    It's sad to read that a gun owner and a friend died all because of the owner's inability to handle the gun well. Stories like this is frightening to me and makes me wonder the reason such scenarios always play out on some hood. I wish both rest in peace.
  • Its so sad that this kind of tradegy happened because of a gun. It must be a lesson to others who carrying a guns in their houses. They should train the basic safety of having a gun. Bullets must be seperate in a gun if its for a show.
  • This is such a sad story and a tragic turn of events. My heart bleeds for the families of both boys.This is an accident. We all should remember that accidents happen. Here I don't think it was carelessness, I think both boys were just being emotional.Recently in my country, a politician shot himself accidentally in the thigh when he was keeping his gun. Fortunately, he survived.It should be a condition if you own a gun for you to go for safety training every year or two.This would raise awareness of the risks of owning a gun.
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