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Watch the following video. Gun Control has no impact on reducing gun violence!!!

edited July 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 6

Gun Myths Gone in Five Minutes: ABC News 20/20:



  • It has been proven the world over that low gun numbers (enforced by gun laws) reduces high violence and suicide rates. The fact that gun control by state does not really reflect that merely demonstrates that it useless to have a few states with supposed gun control when guns are so easily accessible. The real fact is that high gun numbers result in higher violence/death, so it would take the whole country to reduce gun numbers and make it much more difficult to get hold of them, to actually reduce gun violence/accidents/suicides. Gun control is pointless when there so many guns flooding the market.
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    The fact remains that one can manipulate data and figures to his advantage depending on which side or premise he or she is coming from. It takes a gun rights proponent to be directly or indirectly affected to appreciate the need for gun control. The fact that sniffing a human life is only a press of the trigger away is to say the least, disturbing. Even a minor domestic quarrel can escalate and with availability of guns in the house, there should be no guesswork here.
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    here is the reality of all this gun control nonsense .. this is the truth .. this is what Americans think and want ..... also pay close attention to the adfly link videos in the description .. The world is not blind ...
  • jregoljs - this is the most inane and dumb logic I have heard so far (the video). Do you seriously think this makes sense ? this is the least amount of common sense I have ever heard. The guys sounds like he has been brainwashed by the nra media. I was actually laughing it was so bad and poorly thought through.

    Its a fact that most European countries have similar crime rates as the US, yet they have 5 times less homicides and only a fraction of gun deaths. That's because they are not afraid like Americans and thus don't need a gun. The reason they are not afraid is because people know that other folks don't have guns including criminals - and criminals do not use guns against civilians. Its simple.

    According to the FBI, mass shootings have increased by 60% in the past 7 years, this is not an anomaly. Its because there are more a more guns in circulation that are not legally owned or registered and because there is no tracking or accountability of them.   

    a recent study showed a decrease in the % of Americans with guns even though there are more guns out there (less people having more guns!), so maybe people are figuring it out for themselves.... having a gun only puts you more at risk.

  • This is most definitely true. If we are made to hand over our guns, do you think the "bad guys" are going to say " oh yeah, here you go, take my guns" ... NO! Absolutely not. There will always be guns out there and available for anyone who WANTS to cause disaster. 
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    Well thanks for the video, and to be honest I forgot about the mustache that guy had..that thing is impressive.  Anyways, it is interesting to think about and to see how the issue really seems to have been at a standstill for some time now.  These days, the video me be better quality but the content would probably be the same.
  • guyguy
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    It does, and the people who listen to people who say it doesn't do anything for the population as far as gun crimes are illiterate. They are so easily mentally manipulated. 

    Gun control relieves a community from gun violence. If you raise a violent society, then people will go get the weapons that are easily excesible, 
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