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  • America has way too many guns; get rid of the guns!!!

    America has way too many guns; get rid of the guns!!!

    Look at other countries like Great Britain and Switzerland.  They don't allow citizens to carry guns.  There's just no need for it.  When the great thinkers that established our country wrote the right to own guns into the constitution, they were worried about "big brother" aka Great Britain collection taxes unjustly.  If they knew what was going on today in our country they would surely modify the law! 
  • L.A. man playing with gun accidentally shoots best friend, then commits suicide

    The tragedy of guns in America:

    Dominique Barnett, 24, was showing his gun off to friends early Sunday when he accidentally shot best pal Jerrod Taylor, killing him. Overcome with grief, Barnett then turned the gun on himself, police said.

    A Los Angeles man was playing with a gun when he accidentally shot his best friend — and then, in a moment of intense grief, committed suicide in front of a crowd of their friends, authorities said.  Dominique Barnett, 24, was showing off his piece to around 10 friends hanging out in front of Jerrod Taylor's Willowbrook home early Sunday when the gun suddenly went off, striking Taylor with a single round, CBS Los Angeles reported.

    Taylor, 23, would die later at a local hospital.

    Overcome with guilt by what he'd done to his best friend, Barnett then shot himself in the head at the scene.

    Police described the grim turn of events as an accident brought on by the collision of tragic luck and a loaded gun.

    Witnesses said Taylor was upset Barnett was showing the gun off and was trying to take it away from him when it went off, CBS Los Angeles reported.

  • The San Bernardino shooting further proves we need to get rid of the guns.

    I realize guns don't kill people, people with guns, or other lethal weapons, kill people.  But we've proven as a nation that we don't deserve to have guns in our society.  They're too lethal and they get into the wrong hands.  The San Bernardino mass shooting is just another tragedy in a long list.

    Our forefathers included the bill in the constitution because at the time they wanted states to be able to have militias to guard against abuse and unfair taxes from the federal government.  If they knew what has happened in our society as a result I know they would change the constitution!


    Hi @LadyLaveau:

    I don't think any citizens should have guns, just like Great Britain, regardless of the group.  You could ask the same question about other groups, like people previously convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, people that have been under psychiatric care before, etc.  If we try to put boundaries around who is safe to own a gun I think it gets too messy.  I say get the guns of the streets, period!