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  • Should gun safety be taught in Schools?

    I think it should be taught in school. If people want the argument that it is a right of the American public to be able to have guns, we should ensure that they know how to safely use and handle them. It is important to think about the consequences of our actions. Therefore, if we are going to say that they can buy a gun, then we need to teach them.
  • Weapon Escalation

    I think it is important to have a back up way to defend yourself. What happens if you don't have a gun in the moment? You need to know some tricks. So I'm glad you do.
  • Background Check Fees

    The biggest point that I wanted to make is that there are background checks for jobs and credit checks for the apartments and a number of different reasons, and they all cost money. Trust me there are plenty of places that make you pay that fee. Maybe you've been lucky enough not to have to pay because they chose to pay it, but I have had to pay for all of these reasons. I don't think you should have a background check for the gun and the ammo though. That's a little ridiculous. 
  • Media

    I was definitely bullied in school too, but these days these kids have so many other forms of bullying that we didn't have before, and it can reach a way greater scale. The internet and social media sites makes it so that the insult can be something that can follow you your entire life. Sometimes these kids feel like if they don't kill their bullies, they are going to kill themselves, so it becomes a self defense issue. No, I never wanted to kill my bully, but I had a different experience than they did, and these kids are going too far these days.
  • Gun Replacements

    I think the reason there are so many shootings in gun free zones is because the shooter knows that it is a gun free zone, and they most likely can cause the most damage there. There is no one there to defend against their attacks. It is the same thing with any other bully. People don't bully people if they can't get away with it. They go for the weaker person. They go for the people they know they can dominate. Who will stand against them in a gun free zone. There needs to be someone available to combat their attacks eve in the gun free zone.